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I'm from the US, fan of Naruto, Sonic and Dragonball. I play Xbox 360. I have a animation site more for sprite animation at the moment ill probably get into real animation later I am working on it now but it will soon come.

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Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2, Flash Film Byond?

Posted by Assimsta - February 20th, 2011

Flash Film Byond!

About 1 month ago more or less I began playing on the amazing community of Byond. Still do and I will remain to do so. I did this for one main reason, to play DBZ Heroes United (Falcon's game) I believe. But after that I learned of all the amazing ones there so I made a new goal to play or try EVERY byond db/z/gt game there was there. So far successful. Ive made friends I united with one to make a db game (Ace) cool guy but be honest he does most the work on it besides some other great people. Now I am working on a solo DBZ Byond project. I am going with the title True Warriors!

http://www.byond.com/games/Advaster/DB ZTrueWarriors
http://www.byond.com/games/Masterralph y55.DragonballZDarkApocalypse?tab=inde x

Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2

I am still in the process of making this of course. I had a good bit of it finished but without backup I lost it when my comp crashed! I took some ideas in my last two Vegeta's flashes the original and remastered version. I wont say what all but I will give you an idea.

date: December 15, 2010
but the action was kinda slow from what im used to.
next time put whatever your using to its limits.

This will be done. I will make it alot better and hopefully fast paste action!

by: Youngphycouant
date: December 14, 2010
I cant wait to see your next work oh and heres a tip you should make the text stay there and let the person wacthing the video press space to see the next text because some people either read too slow or dont want to read it and go straight to the action and great work man 10 stars all the way.

I am adding a button to forward the text. Rather you hate the idea or love it. I am going to see how well this looks. And if its nice I may use it for future reference. :)

The flash is far from done but that does NOT mean it wont be on here soon far can be closer than you think.

Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2, Flash Film Byond?