Entry #16

Failure to deliver...

2013-06-01 13:49:25 by Assimsta

I made a huge promise on my last post here. However I did not succeed at anything I said in it. The flash project Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2 and many others I had mid finished all went with my laptops hard drive when I reformatted and are in someone else hands as I made a disc and appears to have been stolen. If it is released from anyone else probably somebody I know it is not theirs. However with that at hand I have decided to completely go over it and make it twice as better then my two last failures and I will be sure to have it out soon. This means I have came up with a completely different approach with two plus years of thought on the script for it. So with that said it can be way better then the original or remastered that is. My flash in my opinion cannot compete or beat in other words the incredible talented spriters on here but I strive to entertain and share my creativity. That is what I make flash for let it be none drawn more spritish or more drawn less spritish. I made that up but its my thoughts exactly I have never released one single self made drawing flash or drawing at that because I am not confident it will be enough to be anything decent. Either way I am aiming for a June release for one of three projects. Vegeta's is my top priority but I cannot promise any date for that if anyone has interest being I haven't been active in years. Hopefully the first is not forgotten by those who enjoyed it. I love this line of work and enjoy doing it.


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