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Failure to deliver...

2013-06-01 13:49:25 by Assimsta

I made a huge promise on my last post here. However I did not succeed at anything I said in it. The flash project Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2 and many others I had mid finished all went with my laptops hard drive when I reformatted and are in someone else hands as I made a disc and appears to have been stolen. If it is released from anyone else probably somebody I know it is not theirs. However with that at hand I have decided to completely go over it and make it twice as better then my two last failures and I will be sure to have it out soon. This means I have came up with a completely different approach with two plus years of thought on the script for it. So with that said it can be way better then the original or remastered that is. My flash in my opinion cannot compete or beat in other words the incredible talented spriters on here but I strive to entertain and share my creativity. That is what I make flash for let it be none drawn more spritish or more drawn less spritish. I made that up but its my thoughts exactly I have never released one single self made drawing flash or drawing at that because I am not confident it will be enough to be anything decent. Either way I am aiming for a June release for one of three projects. Vegeta's is my top priority but I cannot promise any date for that if anyone has interest being I haven't been active in years. Hopefully the first is not forgotten by those who enjoyed it. I love this line of work and enjoy doing it.

Joy of Animation! Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2 screens

2012-09-30 21:33:30 by Assimsta

I don't often animate as I should if I put more time in it it would never have taken me years for part two of my sprite animation, Dragonball Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance. I am pulling all kinds of edits on it to ensure I give everyone there credit including my own of course since its a solo project. With newer effects and better camera quality for higher def purpose its actually came out nicely.

Now I am a amuture at animation in general Ive only been doing it since 2008 and still I am doing sprite animations. People ask me is that all I do? No and yes. Why? Because the joy of just having something you put together even if the sprites you use aren't made by you. The film, writing and animation storyboard and whatever you contribute to it solo or if its a project made by you and others it is all yours to claim. So if your terms are "Noob" I wont deny it. There may be mistakes specially in my grammer which Ive been working on.... Do not worry I use spell/grammar checkers to ensure things are decent on my flash well the ones I have not released yet. :p

But matter of fact I do have other solo projects as well that are NOT sprites. Now my first one wont even be up til maybe mid 2013 or so but I have a few sprite animations that will be out sooner. One I know should be out before the end of this year claiming my first and possibly only 2012 upload Ive missed 2011 of course but thats all work and other I have been doing.

Now onto my final bit. Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2. I don't call the Vegeta franchise a POPULAR series for a reason. Because I truly believe it is a beginners project that was pretty much lucky to grab the attention it did on the remastered version. Not to many care for sprite animations like they use to and I just enjoy making them so I don't really care if anyone is watching them on the other note reading any of this. I do all of it out of pure joy no money, no royalty and surely no popularity. Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance started out as a experiment I keyword "got" a copy of Macromedia flash 8 and wanted to run testings on how a flash would look and how they where made so youtube was my key. Making the first one was tough and it looked crappy but the animation came out clean sound not so much. Soundtracks are copyright and I only use them when I know profit will never be made off them. Anyways I used my new knowlage to make the remastered version soon after the Naruto flash released which recieved some well feedback and that is what it is all about. However I also took note to those who gave suggestions in remastered's comments and part two has a couple of things I will share.

Problem: I have taken the notice that my text either moves to fast or slow in the previous flash mainly slow in remastered.
Solved: Instead of waisting to many frames for my animation for text I have made a single file frame to using actionscript. The text will stop until the reader is done and continues by clicking "Continue" or use the "Enter" key to continue.

Problem: The action seemed fine in the original I believe speaking for myself I tried to mimic almost everything they did in Remastered however some was new some I did not put in. However either way the action tended to be short. Um Vegeta jumped straight to it ending Goku do I believe they could have faught alittle? No actually that part of the flash was meant to be short because Vegeta was originally going to kill Goku right away since he caught him off guard. However sadly the rest of the flash lacked hardly any combat let alone blast aside from a Final Flash, Big Bang and two Kamehameha's. Oh and that blast and ki blast King Vegeta did. Still hand to hand high speed action is what I believe DBZ itself.
Solved: So I have taken the short battles which exist in DBZ as well but when you are killing a enemy like Vegeta being scouter if you want to refer to the original series or Frieza it takes a long time and I cant mimic dozens of episodes to kill a lunitic who believes his pride is being outshined by another of his race. But I can stretch the action. Point being more high speed attacks and faster movements and hits and impressive blast effects. So testers have told me..

Problem: Plot... Yes the story was rather confusing... Now part two is not in anyway a remake or prequel its been done once by me and not again in this series "Cough" Naruto "Cough" Anyways Its a solid sequal to continue the story of Vegeta's madness and sudden appearance of his father King Vegeta. Now solid die hard fans of DBZ obviously the son of a gun was killed in the series by Frieza if my memory serves me correctly the bastered also blew the mans planet up. Kind of over doing it don't you think?
Solved: Well I am going in and putting every detail of how and when it started. So its pretty much explained I wont go exploiting it all here. So while making a Sonic sprite film which also has been taking me a long time to release turning up nicely. I thought a nice way of bringing it all together but this is more then a eggman problem so I figured out how to play Vegeta's part nicely and more things mentioning would spoil the entire thing.

4: Final
Problem: Sprites... Sprites as I said are not a golden throphy on here well not lately I assume. But they are fun to make but what better way then fine detail of the action. Take a look at the screen I have uploaded. It shows my effects I am putting all sorts of detail in and btw thats smoke not aura haha I know messy but it looks okay animated. But look closely at King Vegeta you will see why I am not putting a solved on this one.

Now I am no professional or expert or do I brag on myself about any of this but I do take notice on my progress in the ladder of animation and drawing which drawing is not highly in this but some of it is. Give me some feedback on what you think so far and I will keep everyone update and hoping I have this out before November.

Thanks for reading if any of you had the time to read one paragraph.

Joy of Animation! Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2 screens

Back to work. More flash!

2011-04-25 14:27:36 by Assimsta

A little more of 4 months have passed since I released the newer version of Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance has passed by although it feels like just a couple of weeks ago. I have been working slightly on the next project for it considering part 2 has abit more work in it over the recent work. Ive been through another computer again sad to say but in luck just weeks before it corrupted the hard drive I made a backup disc for my progress and past files. I have lost the remastered version from the same incident before causing me to begin from scratch on it. I am one not to "Rush" through a project and as far as I am concerned part 2 is only 25-40% complete and thats including the newer features making the flash much more complex. And part 2 of the Vegeta series will be out before any other project since it was a promise from the original.

Now with all that said I also have other things I'd like to fit in with my spare time working. I for months and months told a friend of mine who like me is a pretty big fan of the Sonic franchise that there will be some Sonic flash in my time which I will have so. However I am re working the bit I did as I seen it to fit failure so its going to probably be set back for later this year or sooner I am not quite sure yet. So those of you who look forward to one may have to keep your patients up longer for awhile.

Alright now comes my final conclusion and announcement or two depends on what I fit in this paragraph. I also saw to how big my Naruto flash came to, it wasn't bad it was actually decently liked not loved but liked more close to the point nobody actually cared to even watch it more than once or even the first time they started. And that flash was a test part on how I would continue doing flash and try out new techniques I learned from other flash I watched. I haven't began on another Naruto project as of yet though it is to come. Once I decide I should continue the Sasuke mission series or begin on other plots and stories. And you see thats the thing unless I feel I should I most likely wont just make fight sequels where no plot or story is involved I have seen a lot and I mean a lot of those on Newgrounds and over the web. People put way to much potential into those flash where they could become much better with a simple even small plot. Hey I am no expert more of a noob at flash but its just my opinion.

Well I am about done making a huge post where at this point I am unaware if any of you have read to this point or skipped to it or even not reading. (:p) Either way I have one last thing see I knew the last bit wasn't going to cut it however I am getting straight to the point. I will as of now still remain a "Solo Artist" and not yet planned on getting extra help threw here out. I know I will most likely need some others to voice characters in some projects like "Chained Adventures" or such but that comes in later. Possibly after getting extra artist to assist me on that. All of that comes later however. Now I must get other text part flash out you might enjoy.

Thanks for reading.
Flash film productions
Michael Taylor (aka) Assimsta.

Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2, Flash Film Byond?

2011-02-20 00:21:00 by Assimsta

Flash Film Byond!

About 1 month ago more or less I began playing on the amazing community of Byond. Still do and I will remain to do so. I did this for one main reason, to play DBZ Heroes United (Falcon's game) I believe. But after that I learned of all the amazing ones there so I made a new goal to play or try EVERY byond db/z/gt game there was there. So far successful. Ive made friends I united with one to make a db game (Ace) cool guy but be honest he does most the work on it besides some other great people. Now I am working on a solo DBZ Byond project. I am going with the title True Warriors!

Hubs: ZTrueWarriors y55.DragonballZDarkApocalypse?tab=inde x

Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2

I am still in the process of making this of course. I had a good bit of it finished but without backup I lost it when my comp crashed! I took some ideas in my last two Vegeta's flashes the original and remastered version. I wont say what all but I will give you an idea.

date: December 15, 2010
but the action was kinda slow from what im used to.
next time put whatever your using to its limits.

This will be done. I will make it alot better and hopefully fast paste action!

by: Youngphycouant
date: December 14, 2010
I cant wait to see your next work oh and heres a tip you should make the text stay there and let the person wacthing the video press space to see the next text because some people either read too slow or dont want to read it and go straight to the action and great work man 10 stars all the way.

I am adding a button to forward the text. Rather you hate the idea or love it. I am going to see how well this looks. And if its nice I may use it for future reference. :)

The flash is far from done but that does NOT mean it wont be on here soon far can be closer than you think.

Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance 2, Flash Film Byond?

Sonic Vs Mario The Ultimate

2011-01-06 20:29:48 by Assimsta

I haven't been much on updating here like I have on my site. However I finally recovered some of the data on a Sonic flash I had stored away on another site. About a couple of hours ago however I announced the upcoming flash on the site. And no more but a hour later checking the email I seen good thoughts on it and horrible ones. Criticts are cool and alright but I can see the reviews here as Newgrounds already has thousands of these kind of flash anyways.. All in all I will post the short plot here and you can also keep closer updated by the website.

Flash Film Productions

Seems like another one of egg mans plan to defeat Sonic and gather the emeralds. Sonic figures this is another day like no other. But this time Eggman some how has come to a bigger plan bringing another being from another dimension.

Sonic Vs Mario The Ultimate

Site Updated!

2010-12-31 11:27:19 by Assimsta

Finally I updated the site check it out if you want. :)
or- /WelcomeToFlashFilmProductions.html

Finally after months! And Months! Of a headache and fun I must say I got my solo flash Vegeta's Ultimate Vengeance Remastered up. Glad a lot of you enjoyed it. Now some people think what the hell does Remastered have to do with anything. Well some and very few have seen the original I posted back in April and it was alright to some. The plot made more since I guess I don't know. Anyways I am currently working on part 2 of the vengeance series which explains alot from the first.

I am looking for good DBZ sprite editors the sheets I found over the internet aren't fit for some of my thoughts in the second one. So I'd do them myself but that would delay the flash for a while. Credit and REV will be shared. And normal things you would get from helping in a flash. In the end I am going to have to do them but figured I would fish for someone first that is a bit more experienced and FASTER than I am. :)

Computer crash, NEW! Flash.

2010-08-26 14:27:58 by Assimsta

Its been about a Month nearly since I have put Naruto Solo Mission to find Sasuke on here. Some of you liked it some disliked it. And hey I am not looking to put out something just for ratings I do it because it is showing my side of view on shows and to put something out you may enjoy.

But thats not the case my computer recked so I am redoing my site completely since I don't have the disk with files on it. So watching my two previous flash will have to be on here. And I have a new one I am working on. I will reveal that later. And for the remastered version of Dragonball it has been layed off since I am trying to make it like a master piece. :D And Sonic fans as I am one also I will have that going on later. Keep checking up to see what I have next. :)

New flash finally!

2010-07-16 17:19:26 by Assimsta

Ps. My site also has more on future release and info on them. Check it out! And don't forget to vote for your most looked forward to flash below.

Vote on what you are looking forward to coming up soon.

Its been months. I have had plenty of emails from my site asking if I planned on doing anything. And I have learned from my first flash post here. I will insure this one will be better. Naruto was a request from several emails wanting a flash. To be honest not long ago I hardly paid attention to it. Over the months I started watching it and it is pretty damn good.

Solo Mission to find Sasuke!

Naruto suddenly comes with a plan to find Sasuke on his own since Lady Tsunade wont grant him a mission to do so. Doing this on his own wasn't as discreet as he planned. As most Ninja out on missions cant tend to Naruto and stop him. However there are a handful left who can. So the question is will Naruto find Sasuke and bring him back? Or will he fail again?

Will be out this Friday!
FlashFilmProductions@yahoo.comVote for what you are looking forward to.

New flash finally!

Site updates delayed.

2010-07-10 01:11:14 by Assimsta

The Flash Film Production site can not be updated at this time and as of now I am not sure why. However the flash are coming well so keep checking back,